• Established by journalists and opinion-formers to facilitate rights of access for journalists, we deal with problems faced by journalists ranging from imprisonment at one extreme to censorship at the other.

  • The ICF also deals with issues in relation to xenophobia and disinformation, and has at its heart a concern for Media Ethics. It compiles and publishes a Media Ethics Code.

  • The ICF council grants annual international media awards for best practice. They include the Peace Through Media awards for seasoned journalists who have made a seminal contribution to bettering understanding.

  • Convenes conferences on issues such as that of the relationship between government and the media. We also take press delegations to areas of conflict that are less accessible such as Syria, Iraq and Gaza.



Issues raised by journalists

The International Communications Forum is convinced that the honesty or dishonesty of the media affects the mental health of the world. Freedom of expression is vital as a means of permitting all views to flourish peacefully. It is a cliche that the price of this freedom must be continual vigilance - in particular vigilance to identify and expose the encouragement of malice, war and the incident of hate speech and image. 

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Reflections from the President



Statement from the ICF President Bernard Margueritte and Chairman William Morris on ISIS and recent events.

ISIS - a Statement

The Holy Koran states that in the last days the ‘mufsidin fi al-ard,’ (those who corrupt the earth), will appear.
Some of the learned ‘Ulama equate ISIS with the ‘mufsidin fi al-ard’ -- “those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption” as recorded in Chapter 5, verse 33 of the Holy Quran.
We are appalled at the savage atrocity committed in the act of execution of the Jordanian pilot Ra’id Moath al-Kassasbeh and, indeed, by the brutal beheadings of so many innocent aid workers and journalists, as well as by the martyrdom of the Coptic Christians (young men from the same village who died with the name of the Messiah on their lips as any who have watched the horrific video will be aware).
Some claim the kind of violence being exercised by ISIS is part of the past, of the ‘jahiliyah,’ the pre-Islamic era.
Some Muslim scholars go further and argue that, members of ISIS and their supporters are behaving in a way that is thoroughly un-Islamic. Some of these scholars suggest that they resemble the “false Muslims” referred to in Surah al-Munafiqun, the 33rd chapter of the Holy Koran and should be treated as such. Their approach of dividing the world into ‘Dar al-Islam’ (the House of Islam) and ‘Dar al-Harb’ (the House of War) is not valid. The same can be said about the fanatics and terrorists, who recently killed people in France and Denmark. They have to be unequivocally condemned, even if we believe that the freedom of expression is not the freedom to insult (see the message on this link published by the ICF on May 2, 2006). They are not Islam. They are a disgrace to Islam.
To quote Aristotle, “Anyone can be angry, but to be angry at the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose and in the right way is to be commended.”
Having said which, we caution against the use of indiscriminate force to destroy ISIS. There has been too much civilian collateral damage in the liberation of Kobani and in the bombing of Durna, and we must move with careful deliberation in acting against ISIS lest we increase sympathy for this renegade terrorist group.
Bernard Margueritte, ICF President; and William Morris, ICF Chairman, 
The International Communications Forum


Media Ethics Conference 2014

Coverage of the International Communications Forum's annual conference in London by Levant TV, held on 9 May, with panels of prominent people from the BBC, US State Department, foreign correspondents and other international media persons and politicians from around the world.Media Ethics conference videoMedia Ethics conference video












ICF Conference on Media Ethics

Media Ethics in a Changing World
09 May, London