Ukraine: why there is hope

John Graham, Director of Giraffe Heroes International, suggests that the shooting down of Malaysian Flight 17 over Ukraine may actually open doors for peaceful resolution of the conflict there. As evidence mounts of their complicity in the disaster, Russia is now thrown on the defensive and any momentum they and their separatist Ukrainian allies had has been stalled, at least for now, as Russia twists and turns in the glare of global condemnations and threats of significantly more painful economic sanctions. This, and the revolting pictures of the carnage of MF 17, should provide both time and support for current peace initiatives.

Ukraine: why there is hope

John Graham, a US foreign service officer for fifteen years and more recently a leader of the Giraffe Heroes Project, a nonprofit that moves people to stick their necks out for the common good, writes about his experience at the conference in Caux, Switzerland. "The most important peace initiatives are led, not by diplomats and politicians, but by ordinary citizens. I just spent five days on a mountaintop in Switzerland with 25 of them."

Being a better listener

John W. Franklin, director of partnerships and international programs at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, attended the conference on Just Governance for Human Security at Caux: "Like last year, when I arrived in Caux, the mountain was in a cloud. But, the skies cleared and revealed the mountains. In quiet reflection, I decided to be a better listener."

Caux Konferenzen 2014





КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ в КО в 2014 г.

Исследование человеческого фактора в глобальных переменах: 30 июня – 13 августа 2014 г.

Caux Dialog über Land und Sicherheit geht zu Ende

UNCCD und IUCN beim Abschluss des Caux Dialogs für Land und Sicherheit.

"Le Dialogue de Caux sur la terre et la sécurité" a pris fin aujourd’hui

Clôture du "Dialogue de Caux sur la terre et la sécurité" par La Secrétaire exécutive d'UNCCD et la Directrice générale d'UICN

Caux Dialogue on Land and Security conference comes to a close

The Executive Secretary of UNCCD and the Director General of IUCN led the closing plenary

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